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What is TradingCompared?

TradingCompared was established in 2018 with a simple and effective purpose: Create the most efficient environment for new traders, allowing them to fulfil their true potential as fast as possible.

We call it the straight line method to success. We provide unbiased reviews, comparisons and news for Forex/CFD Brokers, Trading Courses and Forex Signal Services. Allowing you and every other trader to find the best tools that match their trading.

How are we different?

We saw how lost and confused new traders could become with the excessive amount of Forex/CFD Brokers, Trading Courses and Forex Signal Services to choose from. It becomes hectic to find which one will work for you as an individual. We felt that other comparison sites didn't do the job justice for new traders, considering how much jargon and complicated language was used, we couldn't see how a new trader would be able to understand it let alone make a sound decision on the future of their trading career. We didn't want to do this through text on a screen - that's why we developed the free consultation. A free and simple method where we can speak directly to you, so you can really open our eyes as to what you want out of trading and what tools you need in order to succeed, then we can put together a 3 step trading plan to get you on the right path to success. Here is an example of a case study free consultation guide we designed: Case Study.

We are specialised in beginner traders, we always have you at the forefront of our mind, with every review, feature and top 5 list, you are at the focal point. We see your struggle and are in your need, here to help.

How we can help YOU.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of free education and help, with our articles, reviews and guides we aim to provide information in the most beneficial way. See our reviews here: Latest Articles.

Perhaps you don't have time to read through gallons of text on a page, that's okay, we don't all learn the same way. Have a free 5 minute conversation with your dedicated client manager today, to discover every tool you need to achieve the success you've always desired, sign up now on the homepage: Homepage. Or find our Forex and CFD Broker reviews here:Brokers Reviews.

Trading Course reviews here:Trading Course Reviews.

And our Forex Signal reviews here:Forex Signal Reviews.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email us at: TradingCompareduk@gmail.com

We post nearly daily on Instagram and Facebook with educational, inspirational and info posts, that should become apart of every traders feed.

Instagram: @TradingCompared.

Facebook: TradingCompared FB.

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