How TradingCompared will Change Your Trading Forever - For Free.
Trading Compared

How TradingCompared will Change Your Trading Forever - For Free.


You may wonder why you need a site such as TradingCompared to be able to trade the financial markets - and the real answer is that you don't.

The same as you don't need a steering wheel to drive a car, you will go forwards however you'll never get far without crashing.

TradingCompared gives you the blueprint to your trading success, we don't just compare every aspect of trading - Forex/CFD Brokers, Trading Courses/Education and Forex Signals Providers but we personally have your back every step of the way, we guarantee a specific and personal experience for every future trader who steps through our virtual doors and has a consultation with us. You will have a dedicated client manager who'll reach out to you directly and speak with you to find the best options for your trading career.

You can compare Forex/CFD UK and USA Brokers from many places on the internet, most of these sites overuse jargon and language that the normal person would never understand, and you won't either as a beginner. That's why at TradingCompared we fixate on beginner traders, we understand your determination and the fire in you to succeed - being a smaller company we have the resources and time to centre our attention on your every need, any aspect of your trading requires help or attention then just speak to your dedicated trading manager and they will do whatever they can to help you around the clock by phone, email, FB messenger or even text.

TradingCompared is the only site where all 3 aspects of trading are compared directly with expert advice on hand from your trading manager. You will never find a better place to begin trading, and yet this whole service is free of charge.

And that's just ignoring how scammy the world of trading has really become, TradingCompared has evolved into a necessity recently with all of the fake FX Gurus on Instagram. We verify every service we compare, so you will never be scammed - this is something we feel very strongly about.

Forex/CFD UK and USA Brokers

We compare and rank UK, EU and US trading brokers on a wide range of factors. These factors can be the difference between profitable trades or a margin call. Brokers really can be the difference in loving and hating trading, and if you're going to do this full time as an expert, then you'll want to love every second of it.

Our Top 5 Forex/CFD UK and USA Brokers are selectively cherry-picked based on a number of important and unique attributes each possess. For example Etoro, one of our top Forex brokers creates an amazing opportunity for newcomers to copy trades from professional traders, this can be Forex, Crypto or Stock signals, this built-in system into Etoro's platform allows you to generate profits in the market with no prior knowledge.

Trading212 is another one of our Top Forex/CFD UK and USA Brokers, we have an in depth look at the most popular Forex/CFD UK and USA broker in the world with our latest Trading 212 Review (UK). We uncover many different questions that have been populated on Google searches, such as:

Trading 212 fees
Trading 212 tips
Trading 212 leverage
Trading 212 safety
Trading 212 legit
Trading 212 tutorial
Trading 212 charges
Trading 212 Deposit and Withdrawal

are all uncovered in our Trading 212 Review that can be found here.

Our stats and rankings of each Top Forex/CFD UK and USA broker allow you to compare Top Forex/CFD UK and USA brokers directly. Enabling you to see the options clearly in front of you. If Top Forex/CFD UK and USA brokers with small fees and zero commissions are what you require then you can easily see which broker has the highest score for 'costs'. Then simply you know which Top Forex/CFD UK and USA broker is going to allow you to reap profit the most from your trading.

Find your Top Forex/CFD UK and USA broker by comparing directly here, or get our 5 minute free consultation and we'll do the leg work for you.

Trading Courses

Trading/Forex course and education will forever condition how you trade and the overall success you will create in the markets.

Out of everything we compare (Forex Brokers, Trading Courses and Forex Signals Providers), we truly believe a trader won't even get off the starting line without significant and exceptional Trading Course.

Our top 5 trading/forex courses are there to show you the real potential that true pros can deliver to you, the real value of trading is unlocked after you learn the principles they teach.

Forex Gurus on Instagram will never compare to the companies we outline on TradingCompared, the education that companies such as Six Figures can offer to you is unparalleled and will forever be the quickest way to become a profitable trader. The FX Guru's you see everywhere on social media aren't genuine, and can't bring you value companies like Six Figures can. Six Figures offers a continuous educational programme that is ever-evolving around you, with a whole curriculum of videos, articles, and courses designed to create the perfect technical analysis trader in 14 days. Six Figures could be considered the Harvard college equivalent in Forex trading education.

As always we ensure our trading courses/educators excel in their respected fields with extensive experience that they can personally deliver to you. See our top 5 trading courses here or get a free consultation to see who will become your best chance of becoming a successful trader.

Forex Signals (UK)

Our Forex Signal providers are the most dominant and profitable known to us. We have searched high and low to find these particular UK Forex Signals, so you don't have to. The returns these Forex Signal Services provide are always well documented and verified - only the best and top earning 1% UK Forex signal providers have been showcased on TradingCompared.

The problem with finding your own Forex signals from FB groups, Instagram, or random companies is there is no concrete proof for their success, you can't guarantee you'll make money from following their trades, so how can you trust your money with them? Lucky for you TradingCompared has the ability to verify all of our UK Forex signal providers to ensure they're real and not a scam like most are.

Furthermore, how do you know if there won't be time zone issues, imagine getting UK Forex signals at 4am in the morning? We compare Forex Signal providers from the UK, EU and USA to there will be signals for you no matter where you're from.

The Forex signal services we compare are generally Forex, however metals, stocks, crypto and more are included in some packages.

Our top 5 UK Forex signal providing companies can be found here, or get a 5 minute free consultation here and let us find the service that's right for you.

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