The Best Crypto Trading app (Etoro VS Trading 212)
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The Best Crypto Trading app (Etoro VS Trading 212)

Best Crypto Trading app in the UK

Intro to Crypto Trading apps in the UK

If youre a beginner crypto trader in the UK you may feel compelled to start trading using a trading app. To be honest we do recommend to trade on web applications with your broker, however trading apps can be the best way to break into the trading scene in a beginner-friendly way.

So What is the Best Trading App to trade crypto in the UK?

Etoro VS Trading 212

(The Best Crypto Broker VS The Best Trading App)

Etoro is the best broker to trade crypto on however, Trading 212 has the best trading app. Trading 212 is still an amazing broker to trade crypto with, but the choice is up to you whether you want a superior app or superior crypto broker.

Etoro is the best broker to trade crypto on for beginners for a lot of reasons, but the main ones are: They have the largest range of crypto coins and CFDs to trade form, free beginner trading education/courses and of course their copy trading system that is built into the Etoro platform.

Trading 212 has the best trading app for a number of reasons, its stunning and easy to navigate display/interface, interactive and highly functional drawing and chart tools and a helpful built-in instant chat system that is insanely helpful for new traders.

So what makes a good trading app for trading crypto?

Easy navigation and usability Having a clear and easy to use interface are especially true for new traders who are using their first-ever trading app. Users should be able easily to execute trades, find products and create watch lists (just to name a few). Being able to move around the app in a free manner is obviously very important.

Trading 212 as you can imagine (having over 14 million downloads) has a very attractive and simple interface that makes trading easier than ever.

Chart Functionality You will never find a mobile trading app that is easier to execute accurate trades on than any web desktop application, but some trading apps like Trading 212 and Etoro do come close, they can be considered the next best thing. Therefore chart functionality of Trading apps is of high concern and goes a long way in a trading apps rating.

Mobile trading apps that are almost replicas of their web applications in terms of chart prices, functions and usability are always the highest rated. Etoro has very accurate charts that are considered complete replicas of their web platform.

Drawing This refers to the drawing tools available on the app, such as the straight line, curved line, Fibonacci and so many more tools available. Drawing is useful in order to properly understand the charts and know where to place trades. Sadly Etoro does not offer any drawing tools on its app currently, this is the only (and biggest) let down of the Etoro app. Obviously, the best trading app (Trading 212) has every drawing function available and is an exact replica of their web application, just downsized a little.

Chart Overlays/tools Chart tools such as EMAs, Bollinger bands and .. are all provided in both the Etoro and Trading 212 app. These functionalities are obviously important to very technical traders who depend on them in order to make profitable trades. Trading 212 as you could imagine does a fantastic job of making the chart tools work in harmony with the smaller sized screen that you would use in mobile trading.

What makes a good cryptocurrency broker?

You want to trade using a mobile trading app, but youre not looking to just trade forex or stocks, you want to trade the most famous asset of the 21st century cryptocurrency.

What Coins Should a Cryptocurrency Broker hold?

Obviously, the top 5 crypto coins is a good place to start:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ripple (XRP)
Ethereum (ETC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)

If a broker does not hold any of these then we dont even consider them to be a crypto broker. These top 5 crypto coins are the most popular, have the largest volumes and can provide some of the greatest returns for your trading/investing.

Some other minor coins that a *top* crypto broker should hold:

Stellar Lumens Tron Neo

Now what really makes a great crypto broker (Etoro) is the amount of CFD crypto products they offer. Etoro has the greatest range of CFD products, including crypto CFDs.

Including but not limited to:


and so many more available to Etoro users. This is so beneficial as these CFDs provide so many more trading opportunities, youll never have a stale trading day again.

Built-in Crypto community

Etoro has excelled at making trading social. Theyre considered by us as the Facebook of Trading. With their copy trading platform, they have made trading revolve around people and following professional traders. This has created a huge shift in the way new traders approach forex and crypto mainly. Etoro has a whole section on their trading platform dedicated to Crypto, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Etherum (ETC) and so many more.

This section of the web and mobile platform is full of trading ideas, price predictions and comments made by the millions of Etoro users on the site. Etoro also allows you to copy traders completely and have an automated copy/social trading system on the go with their web platform and mobile app. This creates a settling environment for new crypto traders to enter the scene in a safer/less risky way, by following professional crypto traders.

Conclusion of the best crypto trading app

Etoro. Etoro is the best crypto broker and has one of the best trading apps in general. This is especially true for new crypto traders who are looking to break into the scene. Their social trading system has revolutionised modern day trading newbies. Their social trading system has played one of the biggest roles in getting them to our number 1 top spot. To get the number one crypto broker/mobile trading app click here to sign up:Etoro Home - Best Crypto Broker

Trading 212 is a close second, yet number one for the best trading app in general. To get the number one mobile trading app in general then click here to get an account set up first: Trading 212 Homepage - The best Trading app.

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