The Complete Guide to Mobile Trading Apps
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The Complete Guide to Mobile Trading Apps

Everything you need to know about Trading Apps (Ultimate Guide)

What are Trading apps? Mobile trading apps are simply the mobile version of the web application available to you when you sign up to a broker. These are usually free and can be very useful in your trading.

Mobile trading refers to the use of wireless technology in trading, and trading apps allow the user to make investments via wi-fi using a mobile device. Trading apps allow investors to access trading platforms via their mobile device, rather than more traditional methods such as a computer, making trading even more accessible. This technology allows users to actively manage their portfolios on the go, at any time.

Mobile trading has come in a storm with recent changes to how trading is introduced to beginners. Mobile trading apps have allowed beginners to become introduced to trading, having an easy to download app that takes minutes to set up, simple intuitive designs and built in app customer service and chat is so beneficial.

Are Trading apps any good? (Can you trade on your mobile?)

Trading apps are great and useful for many reasons as we discuss below. However, we wonít lie, trading on a web application will always allow you to make more precise trades. If youíre a beginner we do recommend you get set up with one of the brokers available here: Compare brokers here Ē and then delving into mobile trading from then on.

Trading apps ultimately allow the user to access their account and initiate orders right from their mobile device. With major brokers offering a trading app available on iOS and Android, it is easier than ever before for new and expert traders to optimise their trading career. These apps help traders, from beginners to experienced, make profitable currency trades on the go.

What makes a good mobile trading app?

Mobile Trading apps are great, for a number of reasons:

Being able to trade remotely: Thanks to trading apps such as Trading 212, they have created apps where executing mobile trades can be as easy as on the web platform, meaning mobile trades are now way more useful and can be done remotely around the world at any point in time.

Checking and monitoring trades at any time: Mobile apps such as Etoro and Trading 212 are great for checking on your already placed trades. Imagine being at work sitting at your desk and worrying about a trade youíve placed earlier in the day, you canít check on your computer (that would be to obvious), however having a mobile app on you would allow you to easily and conveniently check your already placed trades in a second, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Ease of customer service: Excellent mobile trading apps such as Trading 212, have implemented purpose-built customer service chats that allow new traders to speak to Trading 212 staff about the app, trading questions, technical help and so much more in an instant. This is super beneficial for new traders who have lots of questions and canít wait a week for a reply, as many other brokers only have email support that is usually long and drawn out.

Trading help: On the Trading 212 mobile app along with their customer service help, there is also a plentiful supply of educational videos on trading in general, and more niche subjects such as EMAís, cryptocurrency, trading strategies and so much more. Literally there are hours of content available to watch from within the app itself.

The above two reasons are of huge benefits to beginners. Imagine this scenario - youíre looking at a chart, but donít understand one of the instruments or charting tools or maybe even the spread. Where do you go from here? Luckily for you in the Trading 212 app, you are able to contact customer services and ask whatever you want to get in an instant quick answer, or if you want more in-depth and detailed answers you can search from the hundreds of videos available on the Trading 212 app.

Are trading apps safe?

While it may be true that nothing in this world can be considered 100% safe, mobile trading is certainly as good as offline trading in terms of providing security for your financial transactions. Like with any financial management platform, itís important to look for trustworthy providers when choosing a mobile trading app. There are many trustworthy app options available for both iOS and Android devices, so do your research.

The most trustworthy mobile trading apps are those provided by regulated and reliable brokers. Such as the ones we compare here (Compare other brokers here) . These brokers will always provide the most safety when trading, as they are regulated by the FCA, financial conduct authority.

Mobile trading apps do not differ from their web applications in terms of their safety and security when trading. Theyíre exactly the same, and you will not be discriminated against in any way for using the app over the web platform.

Are Trading apps safe? To conclude Ė Trading Apps are very safe, if you use the right trading broker, such as the number one mobile trading app Trading 212 you will face no issues with trading on mobile and may even exceed in your trading career with a superior mobile app such as Trading 212ís.

Why should I use a trading app?

For any trader on the stock market, a buy or sell is all about getting the timing right. For keen traders with busy lifestyles, long working hours or those who are required to travel a lot, trading from a mobile device, such as an Android or iPhone, is a great option. Trading apps allow investors to easily make and manage investments on the go, at any time, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Mobile trading is also a great option for novice or part-time traders.

At the end of the day, Web based trading applications will always be easier to use and execute profitable trades on. However, mobile trading apps can be a very useful weapon to trade remotely, check trades from anywhere and always have access to your broker to process timely trades or withdraw/deposit crucial capital.

Take this as a prime example, you have a broker account full of funds, but an emergency occurs where you need capital for another project or maybe a personal issue. You donít have instant access to a computer but you have your mobile. You can easily and swiftly transfer, withdraw and deposit capital from your mobile broker account into your main bank account free of charge. The usefulness of this cannot be underrated and is obviously not as accessible on web platforms.

Which trading app is best?

A good example of a reputable, trustworthy mobile trading app is Trading 212. The app is available to download on both Android and iOS devices, and is a great platform for investing in the Forex market, trading CFDs, stock shares and commodities. Optimised for the use of a mobile user, the Trading 212 app is user-friendly and easy to navigate and offers a powerful range of features including charts and analysis, without feeling clunky or cluttered in appearance.

One stand-out feature is the ability to place trades in multiple ways and perform several operations on the same trading pair simultaneously. Even the most experienced of traders using more complex trading apps will appreciate the custom-built, bespoke feel of the Trading 212 app. With a demo feature, traders can experiment with various platforms to find a good fit. With a vast range of over 1800 tradable assets, any trader, from experienced to complete novice, will find a profitable exchange.

To get access to the Trading 212 mobile app all you have to do is create a free account here: Trading 212 Create Account - The Number 1 Best Trading App. and then download the app on your phone!

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