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Everything about Forex Factory

What is Forex Factory

Forex Factory is a respectful and established website made for forex traders, where professional and new traders can discuss forex trading ideas, forex trading strategies, and have general conversations about forex trading.

Forex factory started in 2004 by a group of 'expert' traders looking to make a community from forex and trading. They started the site due to them not having easy access to information regarding forex at the time. And so forth Forex Factory was born.

The site has changed since its humble beginning but hasn't evolved much from its original concept. Forex Factory is essentially a hub spot for forex traders to speak to each other about simple and beginner based trading strategies, ideas and conversations.

Forex Factory may be a great place to start looking into trading forex, stocks and crypto. It will be easy to familiarise yourself with trading jargon and language when you're speaking to other traders directly in fluent conversation.

What is good about Forex Factory?

Forex Factory is great for new traders, allowing them to speak directly to other traders and build a relationship. Forex Factory has done an amazing job at making trading social, especially in 2004 (year founded) when trading was anything but social.

Forex Factory also has a Forex Economic Calendar, Forex Factory News Section, Forex Factory forum, Forex ea apps, Forex Factory indicators and many more simple useful applications available all over the web.

Can you use Forex Factory to find a good forex/trading broker?

There are hundreds of posts and comments on the Forex Factory forum that promote, review and speak about brokers. Which is the best broker, the best broker for forex and so many more posts.

Some cherry-picked posts may be educational and actually provide genuinely helpful feedback. However, the majority will be full of spammy comments pushing you in a certain direction due to their affiliate income.

Why TradingCompared will provide much more helpful reviews about Trading/Forex Brokers than Forex Factory

We are a team of dedicated reviewers who look in-depth into brokers, how they operate and give genuine user feedback from multiple viewpoints. TradingCompared can take you as an individual and work around you with our consultation free guide sign up (available on the home page).

With this free consultation, we understand your current situation and get to know your needs. From this, we will cater a specific broker to you based on what we think will lead you the most success.

TradingCompared also covers trading courses and forex signals, all available in the UK and worldwide. So if you need trading education or forex signals to follow alongside your broker then we can also help you to find these.

Forex Factory does not vet or regulate who can comment or the posts in general of the Forex Factory forum. There is no control over who can post what, who can say what, who has authority and most important what is true/false. This leads to the spammy comments and posts you see ever so common in Facebook group feeds and I'm sure we're all sick of seeing that. Anybody could be pushing false information Into you for their benefit without you even realising it. These spammy posts are more than annoying as you could probably annoying.

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