The Ultimate 3 Step Guide on How to Start Trading Forex
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Free Consultation - The ultimate 3 Step Guide to starting your Trading career (Case Study)

1. Introduction to TradingCompared

Ryan was a young and almost hopeless, yet ambitious young man living in the UK, at 28 years old he decided to invest in himself more.

After reading financial self-help books he stumbled across trading, more specifically forex trading. After doing some self-research he stumbled across our blog that then led him to sign up for a free consultation with one of our top client managers - this is where his journey really took off.

The First Step

Like many of you reading this may be, Ryan was oblivious to trading through most of his life.

As mentioned previously he had completed some self-research of brokers, followed a few Instagram guru's and watched a few trading videos on Youtube. Good start, but not great.

He got hooked up with one of our client managers named Louis after he signed up for the free consultation. Louis got to know Ryan on a personal level, learning about Ryan, who he was and what he wanted out of trading, but most importantly life.

2. The Second Step

After learning what Ryan wanted out of trading and life in general, Louis got down to the nitty-gritty of it all, the details and specifics, where he found out the following:

Ryan wanted trading to become a side income for him, he was desperate for some extra cash to help pay rent and enjoy himself some more. But Ryan didn't want trading to be a forever small income he couldn't depend on. He wanted trading to be at first, an extra cash converter, but eventually wanted the opportunity to take it full time.

He claimed he wanted to focus on Forex, with a broker he could trust and would help beginners wherever possible.

Ryan also mentioned he had a small budget currently, not one that could be wasted either. Therefore he wanted a relatively cheap course/signal provider and broker that wouldn't eat into his profit too much.

Louis was now able to find Ryan his perfect broker and course/signal provider. Louis researched what's currently available in the market currently within Ryan's budget and matched a specific service to him that would benefit him most and increase his chances of being successful in the markets by over 70%.

3. The Third and Final Step

Louis had now discovered the perfect trading set up for Ryan, for his specific needs - for free in a matter of hours after asking the final questions.

We suggested Trading212 due to Ryan wanting to trade Forex as they are a broker with low costs and unbelievable friendliness. We did this because of their zero commission structure, their huge range of CFD's and their built-in instant messaging service that beginners can use to speak to Trading212 staff.

We then also referred him to ForexSignals. A signal provider that allows students to profit from high-value signals whilst also teaching them how to trade at the same time for all one small monthly fee. We did this as we knew Ryan wanted to trade Forex, and have profitable trades from the get-go. Whilst he will also be able to learn from ForexSignals, so in the near future, Ryan can profit off of his own trades and become dependent on himself.

The Outcome of using TradingCompared

Due to using TradingCompared (completely free of charge), Ryan was able to get a regulated broker who suited him down to a T set up within minutes, and profit using that broker with the use of his new signals that are one of the highest profiting signals on the market.

Ryan increased his chances massively (upwards of 70%) from being a success in the charts from simply taking 5 minutes out of his day to speak to one of our client managers who put him on that path to success.

Be like Ryan, Play smart.

If you want to be on track to your trading success then you can sign up here for your free guide with one of our account managers: Secure your position.

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