An Ultimate BlackBullMarkets Broker Review (Beginner Must Read)
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The Ultimate BlackBullMarkets Broker Review (Beginner Must Read)

Why and How BlackBullMarkets Provides the Best Support to New Traders, enabling them to become Pro's quicker than any other Forex Broker, if you use them like this

Introducing BlackBullMarkets Broker Review

A popular Broker among retail traders, BlackBullMarkets is a smaller brokerage and therefore has a greater focus on individual traders, with immense customer support they're easily the most friendly to new traders. BlackBullMarkets is an award-winning New Zealand trading Broker that's available to all US, UK and AUS accounts and many more.

BlackBullMarkets was founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming a leading online Financial Technology Broker, they may not currently lead in the number of users they definitely rank top in their expertise, helpfulness and user-driven experience.

BlackBullMarkets is a true ECN Broker, this basically means you get the cheapest prices straight away.

Pros and Cons of BlackBullMarkets Broker Review

Positives of BlackBullMarkets Review:
⦁ MT4 platform
⦁ high leverage
⦁ competitive spreads
⦁ advanced AutoTrade options

Negatives of BlackBullMarkets Review:
⦁ not as strict regulation in New Zealand
⦁ no web-based platform

BlackBullMarkets Fees Broker Review

Firstly let's look at BlackBullMarkets trading fees:

BlackBullMarkets is one of our Top 5 Ranked Trading Brokers in the world in terms of commissions and fees.

However BlackBullMarkets has different fee and charges based on what account type you have:

1. BlackBullMarkets Demo Account fees

As you can imagine there are no charges and fees on this BlackBullMarkets account type as it is fake capital. However, it is great that BlackBullMarkets offer the privilege of having a demo account, as not all Brokers do. (We'll touch on this more later).

2. BlackBullMarkets Islamic Account fees

This is very similar to the standard account in terms of fees that we will discuss below.

3. BlackBullMarkets ECN Standard Account fees

This is the cheapest account type that is aimed at beginner traders looking to start trading with BlackBullMarkets. The fees on this BlackBullMarkets ECN Standard account are very low.

The ECN Standard account features spread starting from 0.8 pip on major Forex pairs such as EUR/USD.

BlackBullMarkets has a zero commission structure on the ECN Standard account type and has a maximum leverage of 1:5000.

To open a BlackBullMarkets Standard account the minimum deposit is USD200 or GBP155

4. BlackBullMarkets Prime Account fees

The prime account is more suited to advanced traders looking to excel their trading with BlackBullMarkets.

With spreads starting at 0.1 pips (which as you can probably tell is extremely low), is a luxury for any trader to experience. However, per a traded lot, there is a charge of USD6. Therefore this fee structure is much more suited to advanced traders who easily make more than USD6 per trade.

To be able to open a BlackBullMarkets Prime Account the minimum deposit is USD2000 or GBP1550

5. The BlackBullMarkets institutional account fees

The BlackBullMarkets institutional account is the top account available within BlackBullMarkets.

With spreads starting at 0.0 pips It's actually incredible, and even then the commissions are negotiable.

The minimum deposit for a BlackBullMarkets Institutional account is USD20,000 or GBP15,500

Furthermore, there are no additional fees for Auto Trading, therefore this is even more ideal for a beginner trader.

Now let's look at BlackBullMarkets non-trading fees:

BlackBullMarkets Withdrawal fee reviewed - BlackBullMarkets has some great withdrawal features.

BlackBullMarkets strives to process all of their client withdrawal requests in under 24 hours, allowing the client (you) to have peace of mind knowing your money is your own. Considering many risky Brokers hold their client's funds and may not even allow them to withdraw at all times, BlackBullMarkets is the complete opposite. Aiming to have your hard-earned capital in your hands asap. However, when you withdraw via Bank transfer it may take up to 5 days due to the bank you're using.

Some things to consider when using BlackBullMarkets to withdraw your funds - The minimum amount you can withdraw from any BlackBullMarkets account is 100.00 (base currency). And also If you are using a credit card, Skrill or Neteller you can only withdraw up the amount you have deposited onto the BlackBullMarkets broker. Any further profits must be sent via bank transfer.

BlackBullMarkets Withdrawal fees:

Withdrawing via bank wire will cost you a fee of 20.00 (base currency)
Withdrawing via Payment Service Provider will cost you a fee of 05.00 (base currency)
and the minimum withdrawal with a credit card is 10.00 (base currency)

Source of WIthdrawal information

BlackBullMarkets depositing structure

The depositing method at BlackBullMarkets is really easy and straightforward. They understand each customer has different needs and abilities so that's why they allow you to fund your account in so many different ways that just wouldn't be available with other Brokers.

For example, you can fund your deposit via credit/debit, bank wire, Skrill, Neteller, China union pay, Fasapay and more. Aside from bank payments, all processes are instant. Therefore you can manage your finances in real-time.

As mentioned earlier here are the minimum deposits for each type of account:

To open a BlackBullMarkets Standard account the minimum deposit is USD200 or GBP155

To be able to open a BlackBullMarkets Prime Account the minimum deposit is USD2000 or GBP1550

The minimum deposit for a BlackBullMarkets Institutional account is USD20,000 or GBP15,500

BlackBullMarkets have an amazing deposit and withdrawal structure with many options from you to choose from to have instant access to YOUR money. Something that other Brokers can't seem to grasp.

Source of Deposit information.

Account Opening Procedure at BlackBullMarkets Review

User-friendly procedure to open and set up a trading account. Offering a free demo account, BlackBullMarkets requires minimum deposits for some of its accounts:

⦁ $200 for the Standard Account
⦁ $2000 for the Prime Account
⦁ $20000 for the Institutional Account

BlackBullMarkets accepts these base currencies when depositing into an account:


BlackBullMarkets Deposit and Withdrawal Review (Fully explained)

BlackBull Markets has a minimum initial deposit of $200, with all popular payment methods available. To compensate for it, BlackBullMarkets accepts all major international currencies (ZAR, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, SGD, CAD).

What to Trade with BlackBullMarkets Broker Review

CFDs (Contracts for Difference), Crypto, Metal and Energy commodities – just a few markets offered by BlackBullMarkets Broker. Moreover, traders can request access to crosses and exotic currency pairs too.

Offering 1:500 maximum leverage, BlackBullMarkets top the list of Brokers with such conditions. As for the account types, besides the free demo option, an Islamic account is available too. Not surprisingly for BlackBull, the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is the cheapest alternative available.

BlackBullMarkets Trading Platform Review

Equipped with eighty-five trading indicators, the BlackBullMarkets MT4 platform has both desktop and mobile versions. Trading on the go also works when using the copy trading alternative on AutoTrade, at no additional charge (minimum account balance $1000).

Research and Customer Service when Trading with BlackBullMarkets Review

Clients have access to a morning newsletter from Daily FX. On top of that, BlackBullMarkets trading platform offers market updates every two hours.

Live chat, email, phone support – all available, making the customer service one of the highest in the industry.

Trading Courses with BlackBullMarkets Academy Review

Via its FX Academy, BlackBullMarkets Academy provides all clients with a wide selection of training videos, together with an up-to-date blog. BlackBullMarkets has a constant roll out of new blogs, videos and academy level teaching material allowing new traders to become more and more adept to the markets every single day. BlackBullMarkets Academy is a free to use online-based trading course/education programme that is open to everyone, even if you are not a BlackBullMarkets Broker member.

BlackBullMarkets Academy.

Some of BlackBullMarkets Academy's latest videos include titles such as "Support and Resistance" "Candlesticks and time frames" and "How to use MT4 with BlackBullMarkets" - this are all great informative videos that allow that will teach you not only how to trade but how to use the BlackBullMarkets platform, especially with MT4.

BlackBullMarkets Academy also has a trading guides (courses) section where they have titles such as "guide to understanding your demo account" "margins explained" and "dealing with trading losses". This information is really beneficial to new traders as it allows you to delve deeper into the meaning of trading language and what it means in an easy to read and understand format.

BlackBullMarkets Academy includes a trading glossary so any terms you don't understand straight away you can always go there and check them out, this is a simple to use online platform so you can have it open at all times.

Source of information

Trading Resources with BlackBullMarkets Academy Review

BlackBullMarkets Academy also offers Trading Resources alongside its trading courses and guides.

This includes:

BlackBullMarkets Academy Account management

That provides full FAQ, Articles and general queries regarding your BlackBullMarkets Account and how to fix any issues. Such as "How do I open a live BlackBullMarkets Account?" "How do I open a demo account with BlackBullMarkets?" and so many more.

BlackBullMarkets Academy Deposit/Withdrawal help

That provides full FAQ, Articles and general queries on "BlackBullMarkets Deposits", "BlackBullMarkets Withdrawals" "How do I deposit funds with BlackBullMarkets" "what is BlackBullMarkets minimum deposit" and so many more.

BlackBullMarkets Academy Trading Conditions

That provides full FAQ, Articles and general queries on any trading conditions, such as forex prices, liquidity providers, leverage tiers etc

Source of information

BlackBullMarkets Demo Account

How do you open a demo account with BlackBullMarkets?

Simple click BlackBullMarkets Home Sign up then click the blue "Demo Account" button and you're away.

It's really that simple. As mentioned above there are more in-depth guides about your BlackBullMarkets Demo Account we've linked to from BlackBullMarkets Support page, so if you need any help they are the best places to go.

BlackBullMarkets Regulation Review (Fully explained)

BlackBullMarkets Group Ltd. segregates the funds to a custodial bank and applies strict Anti-Money Laundering rules. As a member of New Zealand’s FSCL (Financial Services Complaints Limited – a qualified independent dispute resolution company), BlackBull Markets compensates consumers for up to $200,000.

How safe are your funds with BlackBullMarkets?

BlackBullMarkets takes your financial security very seriously, and as such, they have set up multiple safety features that are quite unique.

1. Your funds are held safely in a tier 1 New Zealand based bank
2. Segregated Client Trust Accounts (your funds are kept separate from company accounts)
3. Very Strict anti Laundering policies ensure above-board compliance,
4. Non-Dealing Desk Broker
5. Registered with the FSPR
6. Near instantly client deposit and 24-hour withdrawal
7. KYC Policy for all new clients opening an account

When you use BlackBullMarkets you are treated with the highest respect and authority, even small retail traders are treated like institutional investors. BlackBullMarkets claims to never be happy with the status quo, and always furthering and bettering themselves for the benefit of you, the client. The features they provide are aimed to allow retail traders the safety and security in order for them to expand and grow their accounts with peace of mind.

Source of Deposit information.

Conclusion of BlackBullMarkets (Concluded Review)

An award-winning Broker, BlackBullMarkets offers a wide range of products and trading accounts. Coupled with a fantastic market coverage and an above-industry standard trading platform, BlackBull aims at topping the list of Forex Brokers catering to retail traders.

Being a smaller company that has a far greater focus on their traders and really seem to help you in any way they can. BlackBull markets have the best customer service available, they honestly cherish each and every trader and drive a unique and pleasurable experience for each member.

We see BlackBullMarkets as a prime and sophisticated Forex and CFD Broker that can really help and devote time to new traders where other bigger Brokers just don't have the resources to. BlackBullMarkets can honestly make a drastic change to your trading, and this link will take you there BlackBullMarkets Sign Up Account

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