Etoro is Infamously The Best Crypto Broker, Why?
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Etoro is Infamously The Best Crypto Broker, Why?

Utilise Etoro and it's beautiful platform to excel your Crypto Trading in 2020. Copy Free Crypto Signals from all over the world starting from today.

Etoro Beginner Trader Review - Introduction to Etoro

Etoro is the FaceBook of Forex brokers, designed around new traders they are a perfect fit on our top 5 Forex broker list. Etoro quickly became a leading Forex/CFD brokerage house, offering a unique trading experience. Etoro is the single best Forex/CFD Broker to copy Forex Signals on for free. You can copy these trades from many popular investors.

Etoro Pros and Cons Review

Unique social trading experience
⦁ Easy-to-follow Trading/Forex Signals
⦁ Quick account opening procedure

⦁ Lack of customer service
⦁ Limited product range, mostly CFDs (Contracts for Difference)

Etoro Fees/Charges Explained (Review)

The unique social experience that Etoro offers comes at a higher price than other Forex and CFD brokers.

Etoro has low Trading fees, which means when actually placing trades you do not pay that much in spreads and commissions (fees). However, the overall Etoro fee of being on the platform/broker makes the whole experience quite costly.

Etoros Trading fees overview:

US stocks - Fee level is low
Forex - Fee level is average (usually 3 pips is the spread cost for major pairs)
EU Stock/ETF - Fee level is very low

Etoros trading fees are really low and that's great, but let's look at their non-trading fees below:

Etoro Account fee: Etoro does not have an account fee
Etoro Deposit fee: Etoro does not have a deposit fee.
Etoro Withdrawal fee: Etoro charges a $25 fee for withdrawals
Etoro inactivity fee: Etoro charges a $10 a month inactivity fee

Etoro also has a high financing rate, this shows that Etoro has very high leverage and also a very high fee for this too.

Etoro Opening Account (Review)

Like the Robinhood Forex/CFD broker, there’s no minimum account balance required when trading with the Etoro broker. With a speedy account opening procedure, anyone can start copying trades in a matter of minutes, to profit from financial markets moves.

Etoro Instruments, Markets and Products offered to Users (UK/USA) Review

Etoro offers one of the greatest ranges of products wee have come across in their CFD and Crypto instruments. Etoro has 47 currency pairs, 1933 CFD products, and hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs/coins.

Etoro is very hard to beat when it comes to variety in products and markets offered to users, meaning no matter what you trade there will always be opportunities for you to profit in the markets with these wide selections.

Etoro top tip: If you want to start in Crypto and you're new then use Etoro, they are our number one selection for CryptoCurrencies as a broker.

Etoro Cryptocurrency Broker Review (Complete Guide)

What is Cryptocurrency and how do you trade or invest in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an online-based medium for exchange, which uses high tech cryptographical functions to allow private and secure financial transactions to occur.

Cryptocurrency is unique to other currency (FIAT) as it uses the blockchain technology to make it decentralised, cheaper and faster.

So how can you trade or invest in cryptocurrency? The easiest way is to trade or invest in cryptocurrency is with a licensed broker.

Each of the brokers we recommend (besides Black Bull Markets) provide Cryptocurrency trading and investing on their brokerage exchange. See which broker is best for crypto trading and which coins you are able to trade with them below.

Is Etoro the best Cryptocurrency Broker/exchange in 2019 (UK) Review?

Etoro offers the largest range of Crypto CFD's, pairs and coins to trade and buy within the beautiful Etoro platform. When you buy Crypto coins on Etoro you are actually buying the real coin, all non-leveraged positions are traded as real assets.

Etoro offers more Cryptocurrencies for you to buy and trade than any other broker, they have seen the true potential of what a Broker should be to new crypto enthusiasts and really driven it all the way home. Below are all of the cryptocurrencies Etoro stocks on its platform.

Current Coins:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ethereum (ETC)
Ripple (XRP)
Litecoin (LTC)
Binance coin

As you can see the top 5 major cryptocurrency coins are all kept on the Etoro platform, however Etoro hodls (see what we did there) many more coins on the platform that are less known and popular. These coins are even more volatile than the main 5 coins, although they are still tradeable.

Etoro also holds the most amount of crypto CFD products we've ever come across, so many we couldn't even list them all, but here are the favourites:


Etoro has some average spreads/commission structures (fees/charges) when it comes to trading CryptoCurrencies on its trading platform. As mentioned previously Etoro exists as a premium trading service ideal to newcomers, such as its social trading environment making it easier than ever for new traders to become profitable. Due to this Etoro has higher fees than other brokers who do not offer these extensive services that new traders can depend on.

Read more about Etoro's Crypto porgram and why they are considered the best Crypto trading broker by clicking here: Etoro Info

Can you Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Etoro (UK) Review?

Etoro offers Bitcoin (BTC) to be traded and held on its exchange, including buying/selling. Etoro has minimal spreads for Bitcoin (BTC) trading, this spread currently (12/11/2019) fixed at 0.75% spread. When you compare Etoro to Trading 212 you see how low Trading 212 really is with their crypto spreads. Trading 212 aims for a spread of around 25, which is about 0.40% spread, (however this is a dynamic spread and can go far higher dependent on the market.) Although Etoro doesn't have the lowest spreads similar to Trading 212, Etoro still is relatively very good. Furthermore, Etoro offers 0% commission on all fo its crypto trading including Bitcoin (BTC), so every penny and coin is all yours to keep (similar to Trading 212).

Due to Bitcoin (BTC) being available 24/7 there is no overnight fee/charge for hodling Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency. Instead, Etoro only charges users who hold leveraged Ethereum or Bitcoin or are shorting any cryptocurrency on its platform. The Etoro team does point out that fees and charges are subject to change and the best place to get up to date information is here: Etoro Info

When you first start investing and trading Bitcoin (BTC) you may only have a small amount of capital to begin trading with, therefore it would be great for you to only have to risk small amounts of capital in order to trade Bitcoin (BTC). Luckily for you, the minimum trade size for any cryptocurrency trade (in any country, including the UK)for Etoro is 25USD/25GBP dependent on your base currency. This is great for new traders who want to invest, buy and trade crypto such as Bitcoin (BTC) as you are able to do so at the low price of 25GBP. This breaks the ice allowing new traders to enter the market in a safer environment with less risk to their wallets. This is especially effective when you couple this with Etoro's social trading feature - new and beginner crypto traders are able to start trading with small account balances and copy traders who are experienced, therefore profiting off of crypto trading is easier to break into more than ever through the use of Etoro.

Should you Buy/Trade Bitcoin (BTC) with Etoro?

Etoro has introduced educational content on its site in the form of long articles, videos and blog posts. These can help you as a new trader massively. These video and articles are more general to trading and investing, rather than crypto-specific but can help an absolute tonne.

Etoro will help you become a better trader simply by watching a few of their rich informative videos.

Furthermore, Etoro is great for new traders to start their crypto journey as from within the platform you are able to copy trades from professional crypto traders. You are able to search for top Crypto social investors and traders and choose a trader/investor to follow based on their profile (what they trade, how they trade etc etc). For example, if you really wanted to trade Bitcoin (BTC) then you could easily find a trader who shares their Bitcoin (BTC) signals for free. You can also see a traders backlog of trades, so you can see how profitable they are when it comes to their past trading experience, helping you to choose the best CopyTrader for you. With over 3 million traders to copy from, you really can't go wrong, so many are very profitable and popular. When you start copying profitable trades you can manage and monitor your CopyTrading status, you remain in full control of the trading, so you can take over whenever or stop copying at any time.

Top tip: You should always be on the lookout for rising trading stars who can bring you in additional profit!

If you're looking to buy, trade, invest or hodl Bitcoin (BTC) then Etoro really is the place to be, especially if you're new to CryptoCurrency. Etoro should be the starting point for every new crypto trader who's learning the ropes.

Learn more about Etoro and their Bitcoin (BTC) trading here: Etoro Info

As an additional note Etoro also offers Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the much younger and fresher cousin of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a new crypto coin that has been improved for functionality purposes upon the standard Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is faster, cheaper and can handle more transactions per second than its cousin, Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has become very popular amongst traders and hodlers over the past two years, so it's great to see Etoro stocking it when not all brokers do.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is available on Etoro with a minimal percent spread of 1.90% - still with 0% commission on every cryptocoin including Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Learn more about Etoro and their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading here: Etoro Info

Can you Buy Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency in the UK with Etoro? Review

Etoro offers Ripple (XRP) as product that you are able to buy, sell, trade and invest with the Etoro platform. Etoro also offers Ripple (XRP) as a product available to copy trades from professional social crypto traders.

Etoro has Ripple (XRP) on a minimal percent spread of 2.45% and 0% commission on every single trade. Again the same as Bitcoin (BTC) these are reasonable spreads when compared to other brokers, even those without the premium features that Etoro offers, especially to new traders.

Where is the cheapest place to buy Ripple (XRP) and is Etoro cheap (UK)?

As mentioned above Etoro has a minimal fixed spread of 2.45% and 0% commission on every cryptocurrency trade, including ones with Ripple (XRP). When compared to a cheap broker such as Plus500 we see that Etoro is more expensive to trade Ripple (XRP) on. The percent spread on Etoro for trading Ripple (XRP) is 2.45% whereas on Plus500 it is 1.56%. Both offer 0% commission on all of their crypto trading. Etoro is generally more expensive, but Plus500 does not offer the support and help of CopyTrading that Etoro so generously does.

Should you Buy or Trade Ripple (XRP) with Etoro in the UK?

Etoro offers a unique experience that no other broker can even give you a slice of. CopyTrading Crypto products is a giant leap for beginner traders that allow them to swiftly move into crypto trading.

Etoro has rich information in the form of blog posts, videos and articles, so you can soak up all of the knowledge you need to in order to start buying and trading Ripple (XRP).

If you're looking to start trading, buying or hodling Ripple (XRP) then Etoro is one of the best places to start. Etoro allows new traders to enter the Ripple (XRP) scene like never before. Sadly with higher than usual spreads, but that won't make a difference to you when you're copying the most successful crypto trader around.

Learn everything you need to know about trading Ripple (XRP) here: Etoro Info

Can you Buy Ethereum (ETH) Cryptocurrency in the UK with Etoro? (Review)

Etoro enables you to buy, trade and invest into Ethereum (ETH) on their platform.

Etoro has fixed minimal percentage spreads for trading and buying Ethereum (ETH), Etoro has average to high spreads for its Ethereum (ETH) trades when compared to other beginner brokers such as Plus500, however this is due to Etoros premium Crypto CopyTrading system that outshines Plus500 x500 times over (see what we did there).

So where is the cheapest place to buy or trade Ethereum (ETH) in the UK?

Spoiler: It's not Etoro, but obviously that's not why Etoro is our favourite Crypto broker, it's for many other reasons.

Etoro as mentioned above has fixed minimal percent spreads, the percentage spread for Ethereum (ETH) is 1.90% VS Plus500 who has a minimal percent spread of 0.68%, which is obviously much lower. Plus500 and Etoro both have 0% commission on all cryptocurrency trading including all trades on Ethereum (ETH).

So Etoro is our favourite beginner Crypto Broker yet they have some of the highest spreads? Yes.

Why? - the Etoro platform and support is superior in every way and is a requirement for new traders to become profitable.

Check out Etoro's full spread details here: Etoro Info

Should you Buy/Trade Ethereum (ETH) with Etoro in the UK?

If you're new to trading and especially crypto then Etoro can really help you out, having the option to copytrade from 3 million 'professional' crypto traders (where you can see what they trade and past performance) is a massive help to expose you to the volatrive crypto markets. You don't need to personally predict the price of Ethereum (ETH), just put an auto copy on the best Etoro crypto trader and you're sorted.

Etoro can help you to build the foundations of your trading career within crypto or any other assets/product section, as Etoro has a Trading Academy section where they teach you the fundamental building blocks of trading and investing in any products, including cryptocurrencies.

Check out Etoro's trading academy and platform here: Etoro Info

If you're a first time trader/investor into Ethereum (ETH) then Etoro is one of the best places to start. Hands down they make crypto trading a breeze compared to any other broker. The slightly higher spreads are the price you pay for a swift, easy and accessible broker.

Source of information: Etoro Info

Can you Buy Litecoin (LTC) Cryptocurrency in the UK with Etoro? (Review)

Etoro offers Litecoin (LTC) on its brokerage platform, enabling you to easily buy, trade and invest into Litecoin (LTC) from a secure broker.

Etoro has Litecoin (LTC) on its platform with minimal percent spreads similar to the other cryptocoins Etoro holds.

Is Etoro a good Crypto Broker to buy Litecoin (LTC) on and where is the best place to buy Litecoin (LTC)?

Etoro as mentioned does hold Litecoin (LTC) with minimal percentage spreads, these spreads are average compared to other beginner brokers, however as mentioned previously, there is good reason for this. Etoro has Litecoin (LTC) on a minimal percentage spread of 1.9%, which is average but when compared against Plus500 it's not as good, Plus500 has minimal percentage spreads of 1.35%, which to be fair isn't extremely far out from Etoro, and Plus500 has minimal features when compared to Etoro.

Find out more about Etoro and their Litecoin (LTC) trading here: Etoro Info

Etoro Crypto Broker Concluded Review

In summary Etoro is an exceptional beginner crypto broker that offers more than any other broker we have ever reviewed on this site (in terms of crypto and CFD products).

As mentioned in the overview Etoro offers more crypto products than any other broker, in terms of actual coins (major and minor) and also CFD products.

Etoro holds the following products:


Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ripple (XRP)
Ethereum (ETC)
Litecoin (LTC) Tron (TRX) Stellar EOS Neo

Cryptocurrency CFD Products:


AND SO MANY MORE PAIRS - This is something very unique we found about Etoro, they are one of the only brokers to have this many pairs that are traded frequently on their platform. This means that with Etoro the crypto markets will never be quiet and there will always be trading opportunities with them.

Etoro offers the CopyTrading system that is its main selling point to new traders, especially new crypto traders. Crypto trading can be daunting when you first start, and this is universally true, even for expert forex traders. So having access to over 3 million 'professional' crypto traders at a click of a button for free is exceptional and something that no other broker has even come close to replicating.

Etoro is our favourite broker, next to Trading 212 as the best CryptoCurrency broker for trading BTC/XRP/ETH/LTC with for beginners.

Find out for yourself why Etoro is our absolute favourite crypto broker for beginner traders here: Etoro Info

Etoro's platform and tools review

Etoro has made its platform into a sleek and beautiful looking design that's easy to navigate for new traders and provides features only found in top tier brokers, perfect for every level of traders.

Some of Etoros tools are simple yet so effective, such as: creating multiple watchlists, adding instruments and quickly searching markets.

Etoros most famous tools are listed below where we go more in-depth:

The Etoro platform allows copy-trading, with a simple and intuitive format. In other words, the easiest way to use the Trading/Forex signals ever made. Users directly copy other traders’ positions in real-time, making the Etoro trading platform easy to use for Trading/Forex signals. These signals are safe and the easiest way for any new trader to break into trading. This is especially good considering that these signals are completely free of charge and can make you your first ever profits from trading.

CopyPortfolios: This is what Etoro is known for, this is the cake and the icing of Etoro. Copy/social trading is at the heart of Etoro, they are the leader in the game. So what is Etoro's copy trading and how does it work? - Etoro groups traders into a single fund where you can copy from. CopyPortfolios allow investors to make more passive profits from multiple traders all under one named fund. To copy a fund you can simply create one and add traders to it to copy from or select a ready-made one.

Cryptocurrency tools: Etoro has 93 cryptocurrency CFD pairs to choose from. Already they are owning the cryptocurrency game, but they excel when it comes to the tools available too. New crypto traders will find trading the volatile markets extremely daunting at first, yet they still want to jump into the crypto pool and get wet. That's where crypto social trading comes in on the Etoro platform. This allows new crypto traders to copy professional crypto traders for free. This will enable new crypto traders to get involved in the markets in the safest way possible (besides a demo account) as well as making money at the same time.

CopyTrading Quality: As mentioned before Etoro is a very safe and scam-free broker. The signals they allow their users to promote are only manual trades that are processed on the Etoro platform, enabling them to be vetted and scam free. Automated trading systems are not permitted on Etoro, which means when you copy another trader, you really are copying that trader and not a robot. This is great to know, as many signal services out there claim to be real whereas they are just automated signals.

One of the downsides to Etoros platform is the lack of MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is a great addition to have for any broker, this platform can really help a new trader get up to speed when it comes to learning to place trades and getting to grips with the basics. However, Etoro still does have a very easy to use platform that any new trader would be pleased with.

Click here to check out Etoro's Platform for yourself: Etoro Platform

Etoro Mobile App/Mobile Trading Review

Overall Etoro has excelled with its mobile trading, especially in comparison to other beginner brokers. Etoro offers the app to both iOS and Android users alike.

When tested on both platforms the app maintains the feel and functionality of the web application very similarly. Which is definitely the most important part of any mobile trading app - how well it can function in comparison to the desktop application.

Etoro Mobile app charting functionality - When tested it was found that the Etoro mobile app nearly perfectly matched the charts shown on the web application. The downside of the Etoro mobile app is that only 6 charting functions are available compared to the 67 available on web application. However, these 6 functions available on the mobile app are everything a beginner trader would require to execute profitable trades and predict price changes. The worst part about the Etoro mobile app is that all drawing tools were missing, this is a huge problem in our opinion. This makes the Trading 212 mobile app look even better with their extensive and easy drawing options. As a whole, the charting tools on the Etoro app are above average and would be pretty much perfect if they had drawing tools implemented on the mobile app.

Etoro Mobile app crypto wallet - The Etoro wallet is a separate app to the trading one, where users can withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies that are held by EtoroX. This app very much resembles the aesthetics of the main app along with the feel.

On the iOS app store in particular there is an abundance of highly rated comments, the average star rating is around a 4 (at the time of writing). The users of the app seem to enjoy using the application and there are updates constantly rolling out for improvements.

One of the best comments we viewed was:

'Etoro is a great app. It's very easy to approach if you want to learn about finance and be updated about the financial markets. The community is passionate and everyone is open to discuss and challenge ideas.' -Oliver1998_2

How do you download the Etoro Mobile app?

1. Either visit the Google Play/App Store and search for 'Etoro', select the first choice Etoro app. Or visit the Etoro homepage here to be redirected Etoro Home
2. Hit download/install app
3. Wait for the installation of the mobile app to finish (which is automatically started)
4. Click on your new Etoro mobile app and begin trading immediately!
5. If you have any trouble on the app you can contact customers services directly from the
app making your life even easier with Etoro (great for new traders).

In conclusion, the Etoro Mobile app is a smash hit, with helpful built-in customer service, a beautiful display across all of its apps, and simple and effective functionality that is a seamless identical to the web application.

Get the worlds leading Mobile Trading App here: Etoro Home

Etoro Research Review

Etoro does offer research and information on products and markets within the platform, however, this research is usually basic and lacks the depth that other brokers usually have.

Etoro has the standard economic calendar (that every other broker has), news headlines and bits of fundamental data found on the Etoro website and platform.

Etoro however, unlike other brokers does as per usual involve a social element into their research tools. For example, when it comes to sentiment, rather than show data based on all users, Etoro only takes into account eh trades of top traders to calculate sentiment data (which is far better than the usual from other brokers, taking into account every single little trader that may skew the average). Furthermore, traders are able to post trading ideas, comments, and have genuine conversations about markets and products. These threads will all appear as a stream of updates from users on the platform next to the product, this will lead you to more trading opportunities and greater ideas. Yet again this shows the innovative way Etoro takes social trading a step above the rest - another reason why they are one of the best beginner brokers in the world.

In 2018 Etoro extended its market research to utilise TipRanks. TipRanks is the powerhouse of the new research data on their platform. This gives general and fundamental data about the products you are looking to trade. This can be extremely helpful to new traders who don't understand a large proportion of trading language, what ceratin jargon is referring to or anything else to do with that particular product.

Etoro's research and data is found here: Etoro Research

Etoro Customer Service Review

Etoro offers no live chat nor phone support – email support is the only way to reach the Forex/CFD broker, but that’s a slow process relative to the live chat option.

Contact customer services here to open an account or ask any questions you mighy have: Etoro Customer Services

Trading Education at Etoro Review

No trading education videos exist, but one can open a demo account and learn on their own. Also, tutorial videos on how to use the Etoro trading platform makes it easier for the retail trader to place trades and learn the platform’s features.

Is Etoro Safe to use in the UK/USA?

Etoro is regulated, and to a high degree. Etoro is also licensed and is considered by many a safe and sophisticated broker. Etoro may only seem unsafe or untrustworthy due to the nature of the company being considered a start-up. Etoro may be a new player to the scene (founded in 2007) compared to other brokers we review but rest assured they are not a scam at all. Etoro may seem like they're unsafe as they promote the use of signals on the application, these signals as explained above are provided by the millions of users on the Etoro platform for free - which does sound odd, but Etoro has a profile for each and every one of their signal providing users, with their background, log of trades, and performance. Therefore you can see for real which Etoro Traders really are the ones to trust.

Overall Etoro is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Agency) under license number FRN 583263. Etoro is a safe broker and is more than trustworthy.

Are my funds safe with Etoro? Review

Regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom, Etoro also offers negative balance protection to its clients.

Etoro Beginner Trader Review Concluded

When looking for a Forex signals comparison, Etoro comes on the top of the list every time. With a fun interactive trading platform, the overall experience, from funding the trading account until cashing out, is excellent with Etoro.

If you plan to use Forex signals then 100% they are the Forex/CFD broker for you without a doubt, you can make a profit in the market with little to no experience - if you need any help setting up Forex signals on the platform then you can speak to us or Etoro support.

Find out more or open an account and start making profits today by clicking Etoro Home

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