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Trading 212 Beginner Real Review

With over fourteen million downloads, Trading 212 is a well-known UK Forex/trading Broker. Rated as having the number one Trading App in the UK since 2016, Trading 212 charges no commission when trading CFDs. Too good to be true? Read below to see our top tips and how you can profit with possible one of the best Forex Broker in the UK?

Trading 212 Review Pros and Cons

On the bright side:

Ideal for Beginner Traders
Zero commissions on FX and commodities trading
Trading 212 has low Trading fees
Trading 212 has both Real and Demo Accounts

Not so good:

Inactivity fee
Better reputation wouldn't hurt

Below we will go into more detail and explain why these are good/bad features and our top tips to use Trading 212 to the max.

Trading 212 fees/charges Explained

Trading 212 fees are very transparent, unlike many other Forex Broker fees. Brokers are costly to run, therefore they must always cost us something, at the end of the day they are a business, and Forex Brokers including Trading 212 will always have fees that come directly or indirectly from trading fees. However, these charges are always transparent and are explained as you open your account.

If you're looking to make a profit from trading (which we hope you are), using the broker with the lowest Trading fees really does help. The less you pay in spread charges and commission fees the more you have to play with for profit.

Luckily some Forex and CFD brokers don't charge any commission fees for trading CFD's now, one of these Forex Brokers is Trading 212, they charge ZERO commission fees for Trading CFD's.

So trading is completely free of charge and there's no fees at all then? - we wish.

Trading 212 still has to make a profit, they make their money through spreads, this is their version of commission fees. A spread is the difference between the buy and the sell price. That spread is the fee you pay to trade a product with Trading 212.

When trading CFD only the Spread is present, which is the difference between the Buy and Sell price of an instrument and Swap - a fee which is taken for keeping your positions open overnight. Like with the Spread, the Swap is different for every instrument.

There are only small commission fees which the stock exchange itself requires and this goes directly to the stocks exchange when trading equities, however, those instruments are entirely different from CFD products.

There is a fee of GBP 9 to pay after 180 inactive trading days. Moreover, Trading 212 charges a small fee on each deposit, this however is so small it's rarely noticed, especially when depositing less than a GBP 1000. Trading 212 has no withdrawal funds fee at all, unlike the majority of Forex brokers.

Top Trading 212 Tip - use Trading 212 Invest if you want to invest in stocks with zero commission and no inactivity fee!

Is Trading 212 a scam? Genuinely Explained...

Long story short no, Trading 212 is not a scam.

Trading 212 has been reviewed many times by many different comparison sites, and they all come to the same conclusion - simply no, Trading 212 is not a scam.

Trading 212 has had some bad reviews, but after having 14 million downloads on the Trading 212 app since 2016, how would they not rack up a few bad reviews? - There's always going to be one customer not completely satisfied.

Trading 212 is a regulated broker by the FCA (UK). Being able to get past the FCA as a scam would nearly be impossible. It just wouldn't happen.

Trading 212 comply with European regulations, one reason is because Trading 212 has insured accounts to augment the safety of its investor's funds - this means the money that is invested into/with Trading 212 is not in the director's hands. Therefore this is increasing safety hugely.

Trading 212 has gone above and beyond to prove that they are not a scam, and by a 2020 standard, they are well above average for safety.

To conclude, Trading 212 is not a scam. Trading 212 is safe, and so are you.

Trading 212 Account Setup - How to use Trading 212

Simple and straightforward process, with only some questions regarding trading experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

Trading 212 broker has a small setup fee when opening a trading account. Furthermore, there is a minimum deposit condition of GBP29.

However, there's no charge on any withdrawal, and the process goes fast and easy.

Markets and Products Offered by Trading 212 (Review)

With a wide selection of trading assets, Trading 212 gives access to world financial markets. From FX to Crypto, ETFs to CFDs, there's something for all traders.

Trading 212 offers a strong incentive to start trading: zero commissions. Enough to attract new traders in the U.K. and the Eurozone, it also helps retaining active and successful traders.

Trading 212's Invest Programme - How to use Trading 212

Trading 212 just recently released their new Trading 212 Invest programme, and this is how to use it. This is a great new feature that allows you to invest in certain products and assets as well as being able to trade CFD products in the CFD section of the Trading 212 web app or mobile app.

You can invest in realm stocks and ETF's with NO commissions, no fees and no limits. Unbelievable Trading environment and Trading fees from Trading 212.

When you invite a friend to join the Trading 212 invest you will both get a free share with a value up to GBP 100. You can refer up to 20 friends to the Trading 212 invest and each time you will get a free share, so you can be rewarded up to GBP 2000 in free shares.

The Trading 212 Invest or CFD mobile/web app is free to download at any point you want, you can even download it on the app store, IOS and Andriod.

Trading 212's Invest Fees Review

Trading 212's Invest programme fees are different from the Trading 212 CFD account fees.

Firstly there is no inactivity fee for the Trading 212 invest app, you can use the Invest app as much or as little as you want and you will receive no fee for no use. As far as we are aware there is no minimum deposit fee for the Trading 212 investment app, whereas the Trading 212 CFD account there is a minimum deposit of GBP 29.

You can't lose more money than what you put into the account, unlike on the Trading 212 CFD account where due to leverage you can lose more money than you have.

Trading 212 has zero commission fees on the Invest app when Trading real stocks and ETF's.

Trading 212 has no maintenance charges, inactivity fee or any other hidden fee. Always the best price via direct execution and smart routing.

Trade over 2000+ real stocks and ETF's on the leading exchanges without paying tax on your capital gains from your investments.

To download your Trading 212 invest or CFD web/mobile application then click the link at the end of this review or click the big blue 'open account' button to get your zero commission trading.

Trading 212's Trading Platform Review

Having a beautiful and futuristic platform for any newbie to the industry, Trading 212 earned prizes for its slick design. The platform works fluently on both desktop and mobile, bringing traders an error-free experience. Moreover, Trading 212 mobile trading is lightning, fast, secure, and reliable.

Built-In Research in the Trading 212 Trading Platform Review

Economic news plays a vital role when trading financial markets. The Trading 212 platform has a built-in resource that allows traders to view the data from all its angles and to interpret it accurately.

Trading 212 Trading Courses/Education Review

Dedicated to educating its traders, Trading 212 offers free educational videos on its platform. Updating the economic news and the latest fundamental analysis, the Trading 212 educational videos help both newbies as well as professional retail traders.

Top Trading 212 Tip - Use all of the educational videos that are present on the Trading 212 web and mobile app, these are super helpful and allow you to understand how the markets work, how to use Trading 212 CFD and Invest and so much more about Trading in general.

Trading 212 Customer Service

With a real-time, chat option integrated on the website, the customer service is friendly and quick. If that’s not enough, support via email and telephone makes sure all traders have a nice and fair market experience.

Top Trading 212 Tip - Use the chat option whenever you have a query, these are real individuals who understand the Trading 212 system in detail, these users can help you in real-time and access information about your account whenever you need them.

Trading 212 Regulation Review

Established thirteen years ago, Trading 212 belongs to Trading 212 U.K. Ltd. And Trading 212 Ltd. Regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), its funds are protected by FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) and ICF (Investors Compensation Fund) in the U.K., respectively Bulgaria. Trading 212 has offices both in London and Sofia.

If a default happens, the regulators step in. The FSCS compensation guarantees all funds up to GBP50,000. At the same time, the ICF in Bulgaria compensates investors for up to 90% of the funds, limited to EUR 20,000.

As mentioned earlier we discussed if Trading 212 was a scam, we concluded that it wasn't but again we'd like to remind you that they're definitely not. The above details about their company set up showcases how genuine and covered they are by regulation. We really hope this calms your nerves about Trading 212 being safe, we know you will have a relaxed and easy time using Trading 212, as we have personally found them to be safe and a breeze to work with.

Conclusion of The Trading 212 Review

Is Trading 212 good? No - They're great. Truly and amazing Forex and CFD Broker that puts it's clients first. Trading 212 would be our first choice if your Trading for the first time to date, Trading 212 is our number one option for beginner traders.

A complete Forex, CFD and Crypto broker for beginners, Trading 212 stands out of the crowd with its zero commission policy. Offering fantastic trading conditions and unparalleled trading experiences, we recommend Trading 212 to both beginners and experienced traders alike.

Find out more about Trading 212's zero commission structure and download the web application here: Trading 212 Home.

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