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With limited available space, this course is designed specifically for apprentice Forex traders.

Beginners will learn how to use effective strategies and methods to generate profit form the market. A completely online course that's accessible to the select few - Compiling of the following;

Forex Basics
Risk Management
Moving Averages
Support & Resistance lines
Technical Analysis
Price Expressions
Trade Sizing
Price Action
Eliminating the jargon
Two trading strategies, intraday and long term
+ Much more!

SOFX also provides lifetime mentoring from professional traders to ensure you are on the right track for success. Live trading webinars that assist your own trading in ways you couldn't even imagine.

There is also an advanced course that you can get as soon as you've finished the first course, so you’re always learning and evolving your trades. The advanced course comprises of in-depth candle formations, implementing indicators, and mastering market entries. This advanced course takes you to the next level of trading.

The price presented on their site is set to increase over time, with limited spaces it will only grow in value.

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Trading Compared

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