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ForexSignals is the best of both worlds. Learn to trade at the same time as copying signals to earn money!


Earn money whilst learning
Professional backing
Very popular and outstanding service
Free trial

Only have monthly or annual membership options


The first 7 days are free!

After the first 7 days the costs are £75 monthly or £195 annually, which is actually an outstandingly low price for what is being provided.


Obviously, the focus is on Forex pairs.. It is in the name to be fair.

Education is shown via charts, courses and signals.


Not only do you get one of the most successful signals from a notorious team of expert traders but you get the real reasons why those professionals took those trades, so you can learn to take your own as well.

- By signing up to Forex SIgnals you will receive over 8 hours of video content - 66 full length videos that contain proven profitable trading strategies from accredited experts.

- Daily live trading sessions, every single day these experts stream live to you and work in the markets, side by side to you looking for opportunities, you look at the same screens and take the same opportunities live. Engage with these mentors via live chat and ask away in real time.

- There are 2 to around 20 signals per day dependent on the mentor(s) you follow. These signals can also be sent via email as well as in the live trading room if you can’t make a few. These signals have extremely clear entry and exit points with the reasons why these pro traders have chosen to take the trade. This is what differentiates them from any other signals provider, they explain WHY.

- You’ll be taught 3 main trading strategies being; Naked trading, FX propulsion and Trend surfing. These are the most famous and one of the most profitable strategies a trader can implement.

- Download the pro trading tools they offer, designed to help you manage risk like professionals do and improve your trading efficacy by not missing opportunities. The tools show trends and currency strength to give yourself an upper edge in the markets.

- Real time global news stream, it's critical that all traders realise what is occurring in the greater economic sphere. That's why ForexSignals has created a real-time news feed so you’re always up to date.

- The advanced trading room, unrivalled trading room technology, built from the ground up, with all of your needs in mind - even available from your phone.

- All day live messaging with the community of traders that range from inexperienced to professionals.

- Personal trade feedback from your mentors, they will keep a close eye on your trading signals and provide you real-time feedback wherever possible to ensure you’re on the right path in your education.

- A session with the main man Andrew Lockwood, tap into the mindset of a professional trader in this exclusive 1 on 1 session. Andrew will aim to build the foundations of a trading plan that’s tailored for you.


The most unique aspect of Forex Signals is you’re actually taught live on the charts how to trade. It’s such a simple and straightforward way of learning that should have been implemented years ago.

No where else provides this service at such a good cost and high quality. Not only can you take these live signals to make money but you learn why you are taking them so you can take more on your own.


ForexSignals is all taught online.


Something else very unique about ForexSignals is that they have a £1,500 give away in cash each month! You could get your money back ten fold!


Considering there are another 67,000 traders also learning side by side with you, in the chats, webinars and on the courses, their customer service is intense yet still very well done and has an amazing service.

The online chat option is the most helpful and usually replies within minutes, quick and easy answers at your fingertips.


ForexSignals are unparalleled with the service they provide and stand out from any other education and signal providing service.

Considering they’ve got a 7 day trial as well you can’t set a foot wrong, they are ideal for any beginner who wants to make money immediately but also wants to learn Forex for the skill it is.

ForexSignals is truly a force to be reckoned with!

Get started now, join the other 67,000 traders since 2012 save 79% on the annual membership now for the additional perks.

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