TierOneTrading Trading Course Review For New Traders
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TierOneTrading Trading Course Review For New Traders

New Trader looking for the Best Trading Course? - Welcome to TierOneTrading. Open a Free Account within 2 minutes. Unrivalled value.

Introduction to TiewwrOneTrading


The all-inclusive resource for all traders

With some of the greatest known traders named Akial Stokes and Jason Graystone at the foundations of TierOneTrading, it’s hard to see how you could fail with them.

They’re known as the celebrities on the trading floor, these are the traders you’re learning from - you can't go wrong with these guys.


Well known traders
Very respected and popular education
Cheap and cheerful

Higher price
Slow with customer service


There are 3 membership options that will all come all-inclusive, every update and price lock guarantee.

Monthly: £234 price per month until cancelled

Semi-Annual: £210 price per month billed semi-annually until cancelled (10% savings)

Annual: £194 price per month billed annually until cancelled (2 months FREE)

Every Update Guarantee*- Your TierONE membership includes access to every future update & addition we make to the platform at no extra charge to you. This means new courses, new software, etc. are all included and this will remain effective for as long as you keep your membership active. With an active membership, you’ll never have to work about costly up-sells, hidden fees, or missing out on the next awesome update.

Price Lock Guarantee**- If you sign up for a TierONE membership and receive a promotional price, then we will honour that price for as long as you keep your membership active. You’ll never have to worry about unexpected price increases from one month to the next. However, if you cancel your membership and decide to return, you will have to do so at the current market rate.


Akial and Jason focus mainly on technical analysis, however fundamental data and other aspects are also taught in the courses as well as general wealth building and maintaining lifestyle guides.


TierOneTrading offers extensive and detailed courses:

- Introducing the professional traders (Jason and Akil) - Basics of trading
- Study of price action
- Advanced strategies
- Blueprint to business like trading
- The mindset
- Day trading course
- Wealth secrets (coming soon)

TierOneTrading offers an accountability session where you can be invited to come on the podcast Akial and Jason run to talk about yourself as a trader and say what you want to achieve to all the thousands of listeners of the podcast. This is meant to motivate you to achieve your said goals by telling everyone what you are going to do. By putting it out there to the world you’re more inclined to actually achieve it.

The live trading room is where you join a live stream when the forex trading sessions are live, you can copy the trades of the pros and learn why they take certain trades, at the same time you're looking at the charts from your own account. This is a great session for beginners to learn why trades are taken and even how to make a trade happen.


The teaching method is strictly online with video courses and live streams being the main point of contact.


TierOneTrading also has an “economic news” tab which shows when economic news is going to be released, which country is releasing its about, the forecasts for the news, the severity of the news and a general sense of what the news is about and how it affects the country.

Akil has his own podcast where he speaks about trading, motivation and general life advice. This in full is all available to listen at any time, with 150 episodes to date, there is endless content rich in information.

There is also a pro-trade log where pro traders can post their videos of trading ideas that you are able to copy or use as an example in your educational journey.

They also offer trading software, this software provides overlays and graphics that make the chart look different so you can trade it with more confidence. These overlays may indicate where the price is heading to and therefore help you to make money. TierOneTrading offers 3 different software to download including (you can have them all);

- Enigma NT7
- Enigma NT8
- Enigma MT4


Their customer service isn’t always on point and can ‘lag’ behind slightly, they have a huge roster of members so getting back to all of them does take time, even with the extensive team they have.


TierOneTrading is simply superb and goes above just trading.

Jason and Akial are both great guys, and will probably become your best friends as well as your mentors. You will actually enjoy learning to trade when you have them teaching you every step of the way, and that's the most unique thing about TierOneTrading - they feel so much more homely than any other educational membership we’ve reviewed, they care and take time for you as an individual on your own journey.

They definitely deserve a high placing and are perfect for any individual who wants to advance as quickly as they can.

Learn more or open your account by clicking the blue "Open Account" button on the side.

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