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Ultimate ForexSignals.com Review (Beginners) 10% OFF

ForexSignals.com is our Number 1 Rated Forex Signals for Beginners in the UK - We have an extra 10% for life when you use our links and discount code

Introducing Forexsignals.com review - (Use Our Link and DISCOUNT10 code to get 10% OFF EVERY MONTH and a FREE 7-day TRIAL when you sign up)

Offering both Trading Courses/education and professional UK Forex Signals, ForexSignals.com is a leader in the industry, using high-class trading and professional teaching methods. ForexSignals.com is the number 1 Forex Signal provider in the UK and worldwide.

Our ForexSignals.com Review reveals how and why ForexSignals.com is the best Forex Signal provider in the UK, and why they're better than popular alternatives such as Direct Forex Signals and Daily Forex Signals.

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Firstly - What are Trading/Forex Signals?

Forex Signals are 'buy' and 'sell' instructions sent to you by the UK Forex Signal provider. These may be fundamental or technical based. Entry and exit points are given to you by the provider, all you have to do is press the button and wait. Following Forex Signals is relatively easy and can be performed by anyone who has access to a broker.

If you need more information on this then please check out this guide: 10 Questions Every Trader Needs to Know
and if you are new here are the best beginner brokers you need to use to get started: Best Easy Beginner Brokers

Secondly - Which UK Forex Signal provider is the best?

There are thousands of providers out there, all claiming to be the holy grail of trading, so which one can you trust?

Lucky for you, you don't have to take a leap of faith and hope that one of the many providers you choose from end up profitable as we've verified each and every one of them for you already. Each provider we promote on our Forex Signals comparison page is a genuine provider of accurate and reliable trading signals so you don't have to worry if your provider will scam you or not. We verify our providers by looking at their past broker records, showing objectively how well the signals perform, and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

If you didn't know already then there are plenty of scams out there, the majority of providers are scammers trying to make a quick buck. Especially any telegram group you see on Instagram or Facebook. This is part of the reason we put together the Ultimate top 5 Forex Signals list so new traders like yourself wouldn't be scammed by disingenuous Forex and Trading signal providers.

If you're concerned about scams then check out this guide: 5 Ways Brokers scam New Traders

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Everything About ForexSignals.com

ForexSignals.com was founded in 2012 by a trader known as Nick McDonald, he was a novice trader himself. He created ForexSignals.com due to the lack of social trading and community within forex at the time.

The company is still very much the same as how it was years ago when they first began. Creating a community around forex traders, especially those who are new or known as newbies. However, this is complemented by a backbone of professional traders based within the ForexSignals.com community forums, chats and live streams.

Within ForexSignals.com there are 9 experts/professional level traders who direct and teach the users at ForexSignals.com. These 9 pros are committed to turning you into a winner. Directly explaining and even showing you (in the live streams) how to trade, identify trading opportunities/trends, and creating signals for you to easily profit from in the meantime.

If you want to know any more about ForexSignals.com then please visit this link: ForexSignals.com Homepage - The Number 1 Forex Signal Provider This is where we get the information for all of this review along with our testing phases.

If you are looking for a strong support network of Forex traders then Etoro will be the best Social Broker Platform for you, check them out here: Etoro Broker Review

Pros and Cons when Using ForexSignals.com Review

The Best points of our ForexSignals.com review:

Earn money while learning to trade
Professional trading assistance
Free trial available

Bad points of our ForexSignals.com review:

May not be the 'most' profitable, but definitely the most reliable

If you want to check out some other Forex Signals that may be slightly more profitable then click: Profitable Forex Signals

Opening a ForexSignals.com Account Review

Setting up a ForexSignals.com account follows a simple procedure. Just pick a username and password and provide a valid email address, and you're off to go. When you sign up you have two options - a monthly package or a yearly package. Obviously, a yearly package is a lot cheaper in the long run, but the choice is up to you. The yearly package also features a few more features than the monthly, such as personalised feedback and 1-1 sessions with Andrew Lockwood. These additional benefits could go a mile and more for new traders who really want to excel in their trading career.

ForexSignals.com pricing for each account

Monthly - 97 USD per month / 75 GBP
Annual - 249 USD per year / 193 GBP

There are no requirements of trading knowledge or being from certain countries to have access to ForexSignals.com. However, they operate in the English language only as far as we are aware.

When you open an account please also use our link and discount code DISCOUNT10 for 10% off every single month for the rest of your account existence.

When you first open your account with ForexSignals.com make sure to use the 7-day trial, having an extra 7 days free can be worth a whole lot to you, every signal may be a profitable and having an extra 7 days worth = 14-30 signals may be a big return for you. (More on the free trial below). When you do open a free 7-day trial you will be automatically billed after the 7th day, therefore you do have to enter a payment option before getting a free trial, but you are able to cancel at any time before you are billed.

To set up an account click here: ForexSignals.com Homepage - The Number 1 Forex Signal Provider

If the price is too high for you then please check out DuxForex, a much cheaper alternative: DuxForexSignals Cheapest Signals Review

ForexSignals.com Free Trial Review

Considering ForexSignals.com is one of the best Forex Signals the UK has ever had, and have over 67,000 users since 2012 it's actually hard to see why they would feel the need to make your first week with them completely free of charge. After that first week, it's only $97/month, traders have access to top Forex Signals and Trading Courses/education.

When you use our link and code DISCOUNT10 at checkout you'll get an extra 10% off every single month. Only available at TradingCompared. Click here to find out more: ForexSignals.com Homepage - The Number 1 Forex Signal Provider

Coupling the Free Trial period with one of the easiest Brokers to get started with 'BlackBullMarkets' makes trading simple. Check out BlackBullMarkets Broker Review (Easy) for when you open a free trial at ForexSignals.com.

ForexSignals.com Full break down review

ForexSignals.com is a means to the end of trading. Their trading hub is the main page you'll access as you enter into your account. From this trading hub, you can access forums, chats, live streams, educational courses and so much more.

Educational/trading courses at ForexSignals.com

This is usually the first place where new traders visit when they enter into the trading hub. Andrew Lockwood has successfully made two courses that are designed around new traders, therefore this should always be your first stop when you open an account. These two courses are split into easy to grasp chunks that won't overwhelm you.

In the education/trading course sector there are a total of 12 modules and 136 videos. Every module consists of a one hour video broken down and split into segments so it's much easier to understand for new traders.

If you want to buy a Forex Program that was designed solely for teaching Trading Principles then check out our selection of Trading Courses here: Best Trading Courses

ForexSignals.com Trading Courses Curriculum

Andrew Lockwood has devised the following modules

Module 1 - The Fundamentals of trading
The fundamentals refer to the basics of forex trading and how it is profitable

Module 2 - Aha moment
The aha moment speaks about managing your expectations and risk

Module 3 - The Naked Swing Trading Strategy
The first step of actually learning to trade

Module 4 - The Propulsion Scalping Trading Strategy
The Propulsion Scalping Trading Method is a more advanced way of trading

Module 5 - General trading help featuring workshops and QnA's
Where you can get more in-depth help on specific problems

Mark Bennell (another expert trader ForexSignals.com) delivers these modules

Module 1 - Setting the stage
Module 2 - Treating Trading as a Business
Module 3 - Business Essentials when it comes to Trading

The first 3 modules are all based on how your trading career should resemble business and how you will become profitable from this.

Module 4 - Technical Trading
Module 5 - Analysis Techniques
Module 6 - Traders Technical toolbox

The last 3 modules are all about technical trading and are more advanced than the naked trading strategy.

Source of information for ForexSignals.com trading courses: Source.

Another high end trading course provider is SixFiguresCapital, check them out here: SixFigures Best Trading Course Review

ForexSignals.com Trading Styles Reviewed

Three trading strategies sit at the core of ForexSignals.com membership, each generating profitable Forex Signals available to members in the UK and beyond. Having 3 different forex trading styles is great, being able to learn all of these different styles will expose you to much less risk in the markets and provide more opportunities to trade throughout your forex career.

Naked Trading Strategy Like the name suggests, this forex trading strategy uses no indicators whatsoever. Instead, it focuses on pure price action, interpreting market geometry and support and resistance levels. This forex trading style is perfect for beginners as there are no complicated indicators, graphs or any other type of technical trading. Simple, straightforward and common-sense based trading. What every trader should master before becoming truly exposed to the markets.

FX Propulsion Strategy ForexSignals.com FX Propulsion strategy consists of using indicators to highlight bullish and bearish markets. This intraday forex trading strategy provided profitable Forex Signals for the past twelve years. This forex trading strategy is the next step up from the naked trading style. This forex trading strategy will use more indicators and may seem more complex, however ForexSignals.com teaches in such a detailed and practical way that any trader can pick up these trading styles with ease, thanks to the ForexSignals.com live streams and daily videos.

Trend Surfing Strategy A trend-following strategy, trend surfing gives remarkable risk-reward ratios by cutting losses quickly and letting the winners run. This forex trading strategy is much more of a long term passive income model that can increase in potential returns for months if not years, after the trade has been placed. This model may seem very advanced but is a very risk orientated forex trading approach with huge potential in returns. This method of trading has been tried and tested countless times and is always a staple for any pro forex trader.

Source of information for ForexSignals.com trading strategies: Source.

Check out 1000Pip Builder for a Forex Signal Service with alternative trading strategies: 1000PipBuilder ForexSignals review

ForexSignals.com Break down - Forum

ForexSignals.com offers a lot of value where you wouldn't think to find it, the forum.

The forum at ForexSignals.com is known as the Trading room, where traders can have instant access to both new and pro traders whenever they need it. The Trading room is full of useful information that has already been posted, such as trading strategies, best forex brokers and so much more.

ForexSignals.com Break down - Live streams

As a member of ForexSignals.com you will also be given instant access to the live-streamed trading sessions of the professional traders on the platform, as these experts look for real-time trading opportunities that are likely to produce a profit from the trading strategies you have also been taught from them. This reinforces the trading methods you have been taught on the educational section already, such as the Propulsion Scalping trading method.

ForexSignals.com Track Record Review

With a solid trading experience (over fifty years combined), ForexSignals.com has plenty of experience to pass around and the knowledge to go with it. You won't find a more experienced and highly commended forex signal provider than ForexSignals.com

Andrew Lockwood is the most notorious trader at ForexSignals.com and is still the main trader within the team. He leads the live trading session very frequently and is always posting and speaking on social media. Andrew Lockwood is seen as a very prestigious trader with years of experience above anybody else. An actual elder in the forex community.

ForexSignals.com has operated for over 8 years and produced over 67,000 happy and invested forex signal followers. Constantly receiving five-star reviews and with a popular YouTube channel, ForexSignals.com has a huge following, with over 67000 members. ForexSignals.com has the most popular youtube Forex channel in the world. That doesn't just happen by chance, that is from genuine hard work and simply being the best at what they do.

No other forex signal group has a track record as highly regarded as ForexSignals.com, with their superior traders who obviously have a grasp on the market that others can't even come close to.

Source of information for ForexSignals.com track record: Source.

ForexSignals.com Other Services Reviewed

To start with, ForexSignals.com offers a monthly giveaway worth of $1500 in cash, an incentive meant to keep the trading community active. Imagine winning back 30x what you first invested from a single prize they do monthly. Your winning signals combined with monthly cash draws could be the most insane returns you could get from any forex signal provider.

Next, the ForexSignals.com trading education offered to its members is unique in every way. Here are some highlights of how ForexSignals.com educates its members:

Eight hours of video content containing 66 videos with proven forex trading strategies from ForexSignals.com experts Daily live trading sessions, featuring live commentary and instructions on forex pair charts, with trading ideas and Forex Signals built in
Live chat
2-20 prime Forex Signals every day, depending on the mentor(s) followed
Exclusive Pro Forex trading tools to manage risk as the trading professionals do
Real-time global forex news stream
Advanced trading room technology that is exclusive to ForexSignals.com members
Live messaging with the trading community members, this involves professional, expert, pro and novice members of the ForexSignals.com group
Feedback from mentors professional forex traders
One on one sessions with Andrew Lockwood, a professional trader with over thirty years of experience trading financial markets, in particular forex.

ForexSignals.com, as mentioned above, has the biggest forex based youtube channel known to man and a massive audience on Instagram as well as Facebook. ForexSignals.com provides a tonne of free and easy to understand beginner based content on its social media pages that is super helpful for any new trader trying to get to grips with Forex and trading in general.

ForexSignals.com Instagram account has a wide range of content from inspirational posts, money management and trading tips in general. ForexSignals.com is definitely worth a follow for the top content they produce daily on both their Instagram and Youtube.

As a monthly/yearly member of ForexSignals.com you will also be given exclusive access to the trading tools that ForexSignals.com experts use on a daily basis. Such as the Risk Manager, Naked trading EA and profit simulator. These tools are super helpful and will allow you to trade to the max whilst using the strategies ForexSignals.com have taught you.

Source of information for ForexSignals.com other services: Source.

ForexSignals.com Customer Service Review

High-quality customer service with live chat and personal assistance. Considering the huge ForexSignals.com community, it is remarkable how they maintain such a high standard.

You can speak to your mentors directly as well, however they're more than likely to pass you over to their customer service team who are more able to help you.

ForexSignals.com is very unique having their own customer service, this is a huge benefit if you're a new trader and have loads of questions.

Maybe you don't even know how to place a trade?? Their customer service team can help with a broad range of issues, with personal trading and with their technical side too.

Furthermore, the daily trading live streams are a great help for new traders to ask important questions too. You will never get such a personal experience with a forex signal provider then you will with ForexSignals.com

ForexSignals.com has a refund period of 7 days, so on day 7 after you have paid for a membership, you are still able to get a refund. Furthermore, this does not include your free 7 day trial period. So ultimately you can have 14 days completely free with ForexSignals.com and pay nothing.

If you have a lot of questions about Trading then this guide should help a lot: 10 Questions Every Trader Needs to Know

ForexSignals.com insanely helpful customer service coupled with Trading 212's lighting fast support is a great combination that would help you exceed past other beginner traders with no extra effort, check out Trading 212 here: Trading212 Beginner Broker Review

Is ForexSignals.com the right signal/trading course provider for you?

ForexSignals.com is very suitable to new traders who haven't had much exposure to the markets before and would rely heavily on professional traders guiding them through the markets in a safe and efficient way.

ForexSignals.com makes starting to trade forex a breeze due to the all-encompassing environment ForexSignals.com offers. Everything you could ask for when you start to trade forex is available in the trading hub at ForexSignals.com, all for one fixed price. You can't beat value like that, not from anywhere.

ForexSignals.com would not be suitable for experienced or advanced traders, the educational courses taught are generally taught at a foundation level. However, experienced traders still may benefit from the trading forums, chats and posts where the community can help motivate and produce trading ideas for you.

The forex signals ForexSignals.com produces are really effective and reliable, experienced and novice traders would obviously both benefit from having more profitable traders on hand to speak to at any time and therefore we recommend following Forex signals from ForexSignals.com to everyone. However, we especially advise ForexSignals.com to new traders.

If you feel that ForexSignals.com may not be the best Trading Forex Signal for you then check out some great alternatives here: Profitable Forex Signals

If you believe ForexSignals.com is right for you then click here to sign up: ForexSignals.com

Conclusion of the ForexSignals.com Review

One of the Best Forex Signal providers the UK has ever witnessed, ForexSignals.com offers unparalleled service and stands out of the crowd with its trading Courses/Educational programs.

The seven-day free trial is a testimony that ForexSignals.com is transparent and gives everyone a chance to test the services before paying for a membership - something we don't see with many other forex signal providers.

Overall ForexSignals is a 5/5 star forex signal provider that has a 100% trust rating. ForexSignals.com offers more value than any other forex signal provider we've ever seen. ForexSignals.com truly are the best forex signals available.

To join the 67000 traders and save 10% with our link and discount code DISCOUNT10, open your account here ForexSignals.com Homepage - The Number 1 Forex Signal Provider

Why ForexSignals.com is better than DirectForexSignals? (Review)

ForexSignals.com is highly regarded by every reviewer here at TradingCompared (as you can probably tell).

Now Direct Forex Signals is not a bad Forex Signal provider by any means, they're actually quite good and will probably provide you with some decent results that you will be satisfied with.

The main word there is satisfied. Not overjoyed as you would be with ForexSignals.com. The reason for this is ForexSignals.com has a much better track record, more advanced (yet easy to follow) methods and all this whilst getting taught how to trade at the same time.

Direct Forex Signals does provide good Forex signals but nowhere to the level that ForexSignals.com. ForexSignals.com has a much more reliable track record and therefore their signal trustworthiness is far higher.

Why ForexSignals.com is better thanDailyForexSignals? (Review)

Again this follows exactly the same suit. Direct Forex Signals and Daily Forex Signals are mere copies of one another. They're the exact same old Forex Signal service that provides decent results. But would never be able to offer you the value that ForexSignals.com can. ForexSignals.com is the shark and Direct Forex Signals and Daily Forex Signals are simply little fish when it comes to this game.

No competition.

To join the other 67,000 successful traders with ForexSignals.com use this ForexSignals.com Homepage - The Number 1 Forex Signal Provider to create an account and use discount code DISCOUNT10

If ForexSignals.com is the right match for you then you may also be interested in our most popular Forex Broker: Trading212. Together they make quite the power house.

Scroll down below to see any ForexSignals.com Reviews left by our users or ask us a question by entering your details and query on the left hand side.

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