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Offering both trading education and market signals, ForexSignals is a leader in the industry, using high-class trading and professional teaching methods.

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Pros and Cons when Using

Good side:

Earn money while learning to trade
Professional trading assistance
Free trial available

Bad side:

May not be the 'most' profitable

Setting Up a Account

Setting up a account follows a simple procedure. Just pick a username and password and provide a valid email address, and you’re off to go. Free Trial

A seven days free trial exists. That’s something considering is one of the best Forex signals UK ever had. After that, for only $97/month, traders have access to top Forex signals.

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Three trading strategies sit at the core of membership, each generating profitable Forex signals.

Naked Trading Strategy

Like the name suggests, this trading strategy uses no indicators whatsoever. Instead, it focuses on pure price action, interpreting market geometry and support and resistance levels.

FX Propulsion Strategy

Using indicators to highlight bullish and bearish markets, this intraday trading strategy provided profitable Forex signals for the past twelve years.

Trend Surfing Strategy

A trend-following strategy, trend surfing gives remarkable risk-reward ratios by cutting losses quickly and letting the winners run. Track Record

With a solid trading experience (over fifty years combined), operates on the market in the last eight years.

Constantly receiving five-star reviews and with a popular YouTube channel, has a huge following, with over 67000 members.

No other forex signal group has a track record as highly regarded as Other Services

To start with, offers a monthly giveaway worth of $1500 in cash, an incentive meant to keep the trading community active.

Next, the trading education offered to its members is unique in every way. Here are some highlights of how educates its members:

Eight hours of video content containing 66 videos with proven trading strategies from experts
Daily live trading sessions
Live chat
2-20 signals every day, depending on the mentor(s) followed
Pro trading tools to manage risk as trading professionals do
Real-time global news stream
Advanced trading room technology
Live messaging with the trading community members
Feedback from mentors
One on one sessions with Andrew Lockwood, a professional trader with over thirty years of experience trading financial markets Customer Service

High-quality customer service with live chat and personal assistance. Considering the huge community, it is remarkable how they maintain such a high standard.


One of the best trading signal provider UK has, offers unparalleled service and stands out of the crowd with its trading education programs.

The seven-day free trial is a testimony that is transparent and gives everyone a chance to test the services before paying for a membership.

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