Ultimate Direct Forex Signals UK Review - Not what you expect
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Ultimate Direct Forex Signals UK Review - Not what you expect

Direct Forex Signals are one of the most notorious Forex Signal Providers in the UK - Find out why they're different to every other Forex Signal Provider now

Introducing Direct Forex Signals (Review)

Established in 2014, Direct Forex Signals quickly became one of the leaders in the trading signals industry. The low-cost signals provided by industry claiming experts have a high profitability rate and suit both technical and fundamental traders. The signals generated claim to have returns of over 100% in a stretch of a year to two.

Direct Forex Signals are one of the most notorious forex signals on the market, they claim to provide extremely high returns for novice traders through technical and fundamental trading mixed together.

Firstly - What are Trading/Forex Signals?

Forex Signals are 'buy' and 'sell' instructions sent to you by the UK Forex Signal provider. These may be fundamental or technical based. Entry and exit points are given to you by the provider, all you have to do is press the button and wait. Following Forex signals is relatively easy and can be performed by anyone who has access to a broker.

Secondly - Which UK Forex Signal provider is the best?

There are thousands of forex signal providers out there, all claiming to be the holy grail of trading, so which one can you trust with your money?

Lucky for you, you don't have to take a leap of faith and hope that one of the many providers you choose end up profitable as we've verified each of them for you already. Each provider we promote Forex Signals Comparison Page is a genuine provider of accurate and reliable trading signals so you don't have to worry if your provider will scam you or not. We verify our providers by looking at their past broker records, showing objectively how well the signals perform, and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

If you didn't know already then there are plenty of scams out there, the majority of providers are scammers trying to make a quick buck. Especially any telegram group you see on Instagram or Facebook. This is part of the reason we put together the ultimate top 5 list so new traders like yourself wouldn't be scammed by disingenuous Forex and Trading signal providers.

About Direct Forex Signals

Direct Forex Signals was founded in 2014 with a mission to provide high returning/profitable trades on a daily basis to traders who need them the most.

Direct Forex Signals has a successful Instagram and Facebook page where they post motivational and informational posts about trading, this is really helpful when you're a beginner and need an extra kick to help you along.

There are a few main reasons why Direct Forex Signals became so popular. This is in part due to their USP, their devoted mobile trading app DFS that is able to deliver signals direct to you within minutes at any second of the day. Within this app there is 24/7 customer service, and a fully functional chart analysis that is accompanied by every signal they send to you.

Pros and Cons When Trading with Direct Forex Signals

Good ones:
A notorious and sound signal provider for thousands
Customer service level is very high

Bad ones:
Influence you to go with their affiliate broker, which can be seen as unethical by some members of the trading world
a better reputation would go a long way

Direct Forex Trading Style

Direct Forex Signals generate their profitable signals from technical analysis using indicators such as; Parabolic SAR, Moving Averages, Elliot Wave Principle and simple support and resistance techniques.

These sort of techniques differ greatly when compared to other forex signal providers such as ForexSignal.com as their first main approach is a naked trading strategy, and then they move on to more technical/advanced trading styles such as what Direct Forex Signals use.

Both naked trading and advanced technical trading are excellent ways to trade and are both profitable ways to generate returns in forex trading.

Although in the end these strategies are almost pointless speaking about as you will never actually need to learn them with Direct Forex Signals as the signals are automated by them.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter how Direct Forex Signals trade, it only matters how many returns and pips they can generate for their clients such as yourself.

The only reason why a trading style would matter for a signal service is if they were also an educational element to their service, such as the one provided by ForexSignals.com. Meaning that the trading style should only matter when you actually have to learn how to trade as well as copy trades from the signal provider. This is not a concern with Direct Forex Signals as they do not offer any educational content.

Direct Forex Signals Track Record Review

Sadly Direct Forex Signals don't give you much to go on when it comes to their trading strategy and particularly their results. The only real results we could find from Direct Forex Signals on their website is a graph that is titled 'We talk the talk and walk the walk'. The graph shows a trading account that spans from june 2017 to august 2019, showing a positive correlational increase equating to 112%. Which is fine, not overly great, but fine as it is for the price you are paying (depending on how much you are risking per trade). What is an issue with Direct Forex Signals is that their track record has not been backed by MyFXbook - a third party. This creates suspicion upon their trading strategy and whether their trades actually are profitable or not.

How to Use Direct Forex Signals

Once a signal appears, the Direct Forex Signals team quickly delivers it in real-time using instant messaging on the Direct Forex Signals App.

These instant forex signals are so beneficial and feels rewarding being able to trade in real time and being notified over the App, messenger or Echofin. These instant signals allow you to enter into sniper trades that provide the highest return on your investments/trades.

The Direct Forex Signals team also makes sure the signals go to any device, and they are executed on any trading platform, MT4 included. Not all signal providers provide this type of customer orientated service. Allowing you to receive signals from any device enables you to trade profitably simply from your mobile phone without the need to be glued to a computer 24/7.

Direct Forex Signals Pricing

Pricing depends on the lifetime of the signals that yo buy

For 1 month the price is GBP25

For 3 months the price is GBP55

For 6 months the price is GBP85 (best value)

No matter which program you buy you will always get 15 signals per day, the only thing that differs between the packages is the price and lifetime of each. With each package you will also receive live one to one messaging, an opportunity to win GBP1500 each month and clear signals every day.

Setting up a Direct Forex Signals Account

Simple process for signing up. Just pick a username and password, and provide a valid email address. Moreover, fill in the city, state and country, as well as the desired payment method, and you're done.

Direct Forex Signals Trading Course

Direct Forex Signals also have a trading course on offer for you to invest your money in to as well. This trading course costs a one time fee of GBP49.00.

The trading course goes over a select few topics, obviously including Forex, and delves deeper into subjects such as the importance of a trading plan, price action analysis, risk awareness, everything about indicators and so much more.

The one time fee will provide lifetime access to the course so it is available at any time.

Direct Forex Signals Customer Service

With a live chat option available on the website, communicating with the Direct Forex Signals team is easy and fast. The possibility of sending a Direct inquiry also exists using the contact page.

Direct Forex Signals Customer Feedback

The feedback we have heard about Direct Forex Signals and have seen on Google/Trustpilot reviews is very diverse.

There are many 5 star reviews posted on Trustpilot but equally there are just as many one star reviews claiming the service to be a hoax.

It's unclear exactly who to trust, as every single forex signal company in the world will have one star reviews, just due to bad luck and angry individuals.

Conclusion of Direct Forex Signals Review

Direct Forex Signals are a signal provider who generates safe profits from systematically used techniques such as the Parabolic SAR, at a low and affordable cost for all users to benefit from.

Direct Forex Signals are a popular choice of signal providers, with thousands upon thousands of traders utilising them as their signal provider right now. Direct Forex Signals can be considered the most genuine and sound choice of signal providers.

Get a hold of these low priced regular signals now by signing up here: Direct Forex Signals Homepage - Ultimate Forex Signals Direct to you

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